Our Mission

DemTech Group provides consulting services to governments, election management bodies, and ministries who endeavor to provide transparent, credible, accurate and secure ICT-enabled elections. We provide advice on technical and societal aspects of digitizing voter registration, vote casting and election result tabulation, and training of election Officials. We help election commissions anticipate and manage cyber security challenges and we help election commission to design evidence-based elections using post-election audits to build and strenghten the public trust in accuracy of the election result.

Our Services

We consult on every aspect of elections, including requirements, design and implementation, architecture level security, offensive security, deployment security; voter registration and identification systems including biometrics based systems, in-person voting technologies, internet voting technologies, end-to-end voter verifiable systems, result transmission, tabulation systems, block-chain based immutable logging, auditing systems; the usability of technology for a specific deployments in a particular nation or culture, technologies for people with disabilities; dependability, verifiability, and trustability analysis; quality of voter experience, analysis of voter lines, optimization of polling places; custom made tools for log analysis, code scanning, and zero-knowledge proof checking; the procurement and legislative aspects of the electoral process. We offer penetration testing services to harden the security of critical infrastructures. We offer training courses and organize workshops in cryptography, open source, trust, and information security for elections.

Our Successes

We have worked on projects for Election Management Bodies , new South Wales Election Commission (NSWEC), the Victoria Election Commission (VEC), the Federal Chancellery (Switzerland); Governmental Organizations Digitaliseringsstyrelsen (Denmark); International Organizations; and Universities, University of Cambridge.
We have organized specialized training workshops for Norway, Egypt, Mongolia, Lithuania, and Aland. We are also working with the Carter Center, Venice Commission (Council of Europe), and International IDEA.

Our Contact Details

Carsten Schürmann
Director, Professor
email: carsten@demtechgroup.com
phone: +45 26393606